Anna Thomas


Engage your core, enhance control and improve your postural strength. Mat Pilates concentrates on movement precision, spinal mobility and stability. Beginner to advance-intermediate classes available.

60-min class. 

Kate McNabb

Hatha Flow YOGA

Open and stretch your muscles with mindful movement and conscious breath work, whilst nourishing your mind with subtle embodiment practices. This is a casual class - just turn up!

75-min class.

Anna Thomas


30-minutes of high intensity cardio, strength and conditioning combine with 30-minutes of mat Pilates for core/postural control. A wicked combination to make you sweat, breathe and stretch all in the space of one hour.

Bek Scherp


A 45-minute workout using a PUMP bar, choreographed to music. This resistance training class tones, sculps and strengthens your body like no other!

Andi Stringer

Align & Flow YOGA

Steady and progressive flow packed full of purposeful asana that open and strengthen the body safely. Classes focus on alignment and offer options to safely access poses using props and adjustments.

Bek Scherp


This 30-minute lunchtime class is a powerful combination of strength and cardio work. It’s a high-octane workout designed to burn calories and shape your body, leaving no muscle untouched all in just your lunchtime!



Monday - Friday
8.30am - 5pm
​​or by appointment
1 Grove Road
Blenheim 7201
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