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Class Descriptions


Engage your core, enhance control and improve your postural strength. Mat Pilates concentrates on movement precision, spinal mobility and stability. Beginner to advanced-intermediate classes available.

60-min class. 

Stretch & Core 

A mix of pilates, yoga and dynamic stretching, this class is ideal for all levels, whether an athlete, dancer or just looking to improve your performance. Maintain or improve function and flexibility in this dynamic class, a great addition to your weights, HIIT or running routine. 

60-min class. 

Salsa Fit 

Do you want to have fun while learning a new style of dance each week? If yes then this is for you! This class is appropriate for those who are inspired by Latin rhythms and want to embrace their inner dancer. A class that offers students freedom to perform in a safe and encouraging environment. An aerobic fitness workout aimed to improve your cardiovascular system all while having fun!

Vinyasa Yoga

A fusion of traditional poses sequenced to flow from pose to pose using the breath. Open and stretch your muscles with mindful movement and conscious breath work, whilst nourishing your mind with subtle embodiment practices. 

75-min class.

Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empowering the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. Yoga can help women to enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. Yoga offers you the opportunity to connect with your baby, and coming to classes is a great way to feel part of a community of pregnant woman. Classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy. If you have any complications or medical concerns throughout your pregnancy please seek advice from your midwife/obstetrician or GP before you attend classes. For more information please contact


Pump is a low impact toning class. This 45-minute workout uses a bar and weights to complete a range of exercises that will tone up the all the different muscle groups of the body. Choreographed to music, this resistance training class tones, sculpts and strengthens your body like no other!


High Intesity Interval Training is a great total body workout that improves your strength and fitness no matter what condition you are currently in.  HIIT uses mainly bodyweight exercises that can be tailored to your fitness level with short bursts of activity and short rest periods. A fun and effective way to burn lots of calories and build strength and endurance at the same time. You work at your own level so this class is suitable for any level of fitness. 

Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Mindfulness is the simple practice of cultivating moment-to-moment awareness and meeting what arises with kindness and curiosity. Practicing mindfulness enables acceptance and flow amidst the presence of life's daily pressures, work obligations and stressful unprecedented events. Mindfulness creates choice around responses to stress and offers a nourishing and sustainable alternative to feeling pressured, confused and overwhelmed.  During this 8-week course you will learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress by cultivating inner awareness in a non-judgmental way. You will be guided to explore mindfulness in a supportive environment and will be given the opportunity for an embodied experience that can be referenced and integrated in to daily life. A gentle homework practice will allow reflection of the felt experience and further deepening of your mindfulness practice. 



These classes are offered throughout the term as a one off class. Please contact our admin team to find out the dates for the next class!


AromaZen restorative healing is a guided sensory journey using “Vibrational Medicine’’ tools such as essential oils, sound and guided meditation. Allow yourself to be guided to release tension and restore inner balance. You will sit or lie down throughout the entire experience. 
Part 1: Guided Meditation through the chakras from Base to Crown.
Part 2 : Guided Zen Nidra - Body Relaxation Meditation
Part 3: Sound - a sonic journey through gentle earthy drum rhythms and the calls of the wild, to the distinctive tones of Tibetan bowls and high vibrational chimes.


Zen Nidra Meditation 

Described as “dynamic sleep,” the Yoga Nidra practice allows the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert. Yoga Nidra guides practitioners into the “hypnagogic state”—the threshold between alpha and theta waves — the knife's edge where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid.
Part 1 : Guided Zen Nidra - Body Relaxation Meditation
Part 2: Sound

Chakra Balancing and Meditation Workshop

During this 7-week exploration of the chakras through meditation, you will week by week learn about a new chakra or energy center. Using essential oils, affirmations, breath work and visualisation, to strengthen the positive qualities of each of the chakras, you will be guided through a powerful meditation that helps heal the chakras, relax the nervous system and enhance well-being.

You do not need to be a master in meditation to reap the benefits, all meditations are guided so you simply relax and follow the facilitators voice.