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Our experienced therapists work with you to find the best solution to your needs. 

We provide integrated, quality care in a friendly & professional environment. 

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We have brought together a team of Marlborough's best healthcare professionals, all under one roof, to help you better manage your own health and wellbeing. Our team are able to work together to create seamless, progressive care from acute injury through to return to sport or day-to-day life. 

We advocate for work life balance. 

We believe in empowering our clients. 

We are invested in a more connected community. 

Inspiring Better Quality of Life

Our Services

What we do
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Physiotherapists help people affected by a range of injury, illness, aging or disability, all with varying goals and needs. Our Physiotherapists all have 10+ years experience in a variety of settings. 

Sports massage on leg

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is sought for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness. 


Dietetics & Nutrition

The food we eat has a significant impact on our health. Changes in diet can help prevent or control many health problems, including obesity, diabetes and certain risk factors for cancer and heart disease.



Clinical Psychologists support those suffering from the effects of the stresses of everyday life. They can help you understand and manage anxiety, worry, low mood, depression, pain, and relationship distress.

Work Desk

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Our Physiotherapists have post-graduate qualifications in Vocational Rehabilitation and, alongside our other therapists, are able to work with your team to reduce injury and improve overall wellbeing. 


Personal Training

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes - be it for motivation, correct technique or know-how training for an event. Wherever you are on your health and wellbeing journey, a Personal Trainer is a great investment. 


Group Fitness

If you need a boost of motivation and enjoy a touch of friendly competition, group fitness might be a great option to meet your health and fitness goals. Led by experienced and fun instructors, all you need to do is turn up! 

Yoga Class

Yoga & Pilates

If you are looking for stress-relief, flexibility, strength, control and endurance, Pilates or Yoga is a great option. Either as a stand-alone wellbeing practice, or in conjunction with other types of exercise. 

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